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Poll #5

Weekly Opinion Poll #5: What do you hate about being a rural goth?

I know I've mentioned this before, but I miss dancing. I miss the "excuse" to dress up more often. Sometimes when I watch Gypsy 83 I feel this little tug in my chest, like, "Oh yeah, I used to want to get out of small towns." But that usually fades away after I turn off the TV and go listen to music. And, though I enjoy being a recluse, I also miss the chance to meet new folks. While there was certainly drama, I also had some really amazing times in the clubs I used to frequent. Don't get me wrong, I think that the trade-off is still worth it, speaking personally, that is. It's an odd but lovely feeling to be happy most of the time as opposed to only once a month or so. But there are definitely things that I miss.

Poll #4

Sorry I've been m.i.a. this week, folks. It's been a hectic but very satisfying time. I hope that everyone had a happy Halloween, and I also hope that all the Americans on here got a chance to visit the polls and vote. And so, slightly later than usual, I give you:

Weekly Opinion Poll #4: What do you love about being a rural goth?

Pretty straight-forward question, I think, and a topic that has been touched on slightly in other polls. (I'm saving what you hate about it for next week.) If you're not a rural goth but long to be one, what calls to you about it? If you are a rural goth, when did you become one, and what made the decision for you?

I grew up on a farm but left for big cities throughout my university experiences, save for my stint on a hippie commune. I have the traditional writer's love/hate relationship with my homeland, but I've missed it particularly strongly while recently living in England. Now that I'm older and can appreciate things more, I can't imagine moving so far from my family again.

I love trees, and living amongst the local wildlife. I love having space to run around outside, as it makes me feel like a child again (in a good way). I love being able to choose how often I interact with other people as opposed to being forced into situations because of an overcrowded living space. My dark hippie heart loves nature and everything that goes with it. I love watching the seasons change. And I love being so close to my family and my native land (my family has been here for ten generations). Being far past my teenage anger, I can now take the gentle teasing about my piercings and propensity for striped knee socks with a grain of salt, and for me, the good far outweighs the bad. Not saying I won't still end up in a big city situation, as my life seems to take turns that I can rarely expect. But for now I'm loving every minute of it, and ultimately I see myself returning to the rural life.

And now I'm loving the idea of sleep, as well as a new president (about time, too)!

Poll #3

I just have to say, as much as I love London and all it has to offer, my most recent visit proved to me that I truly am, and always will be, a rural goth.

Weekly Opinion Poll #3: Where do you find new music/clothing/goth accoutrements?

For me it's all about the internet. Sure, I can find the occasional Siouxsie shirt at Hot Topic, and I did manage to snag Voltaire's Ooky Spooky at a local indie record store, but when it comes to the big stuff like corsets and German industrial music it's all about the internet. I wish I could sew, and I keep meaning to learn, but then part of me thinks, "I've made it this far without picking up a needle and thread, why fix what isn't broken?" Every few years I usually meet a kind person who is a wizard with a sewing machine, so I barter for unique goods there. I do adore the Halloween superstores, even if they only arrive once a year. (Don't forget the biggest goth shopping day of the year is coming up this Saturday!)

When it comes to discovering new music, I quite like iTunes. Yes, it's a horribly evil music conglomerate, but it has that lovely little "if you like this, you might also like this" feature, which is how I discovered the gorgeous music I am listening to now. I've also found many a new band via livejournal friends, and also through the rare live show I make it out of my cocoon for.

I think that, overall, what I like the most about the internet is the ability to either connect to something or to disconnect from everything. Instead of being socially awkward and swept up in a crowd of erratic people, I can calmly choose whom I interact with, where I go, and what I do, choices I don't always have when I step off my farm and out into the great beyond. I'm certain that this says something about me psychologically, and I don't begrudge social evolution or humanity en masse. I'm just a quiet person who needs a lot of space to breathe and ponder and be alone. As long as it harms none, I don't care what anyone else does. I just know that, when it comes to me personally, I'm happiest when I'm away from 99.9% of the population.

Wow, that took a different turn than I originally intended. Oh well, I suppose it's part of the after-effects of having to ride the crowded tube and fighting to keep my family together in the huge sea that is London.

Thoughts, anyone?


I was rather excited when I saw this community mentioned on Gothic Babes - I've always fit the definition of "rural", especially since I haven't seen another Goth face to face in a couple years now. I'm not really noticeable to others, either, since I've also always been very low key in appearance. There are no decent clubs in the area and I'm not very social, anyway, so that's a contributing factor... My name is "Kali", I'm 22 years old, an admin assistant at a Nuclear power plant and something of a self-styled artist, although it's tough to have the brain power to draw nowadays.

Brief bio aside, I'm pleased to meet all of you.

Poll #2

Weekly Opinion Poll #2: What do you usually do on Halloween?

How many of us over the course of our gothdom have had one or ten "normals" yell out that it's not yet Halloween? (Because that line never gets old, obviously.) However, despite the age-old wisecrack, it's probably a safe assumption that most goths enjoy Halloween. I'd like to think that there are some goths out there who regard Halloween in the same way that the vampires on Buffy do: the one night a year for rest and relaxation, a night to let down their spooky guard and bask in the rest of the world's strangeness. But that could be just wishful thinking. I know that when I lived in big cities I always felt pressure to attend outrageous parties because hey, that's what goths do on Halloween, right? However, I'm also a pagan, so it's important for me to have time set aside for spiritual purposes on Samhain. Yet despite the internal pressure I placed on myself, I usually ended up attending small parties with close friends, or sometimes just having a spiritual night in with either a fellow pagan or by myself. I would often find it difficult to merge the two, and indeed regard Samhain and Halloween as two separate holidays which happen to fall on the same night. The more rural my homes become, the more I gravitate toward complete spiritual seclusion on October 31. But I will always love cheesy Halloween decorations and costumes (real costumes, not just going out as my gothy self) and hay rides and haunted houses. And candy. Oh yes, the candy.

This year I may or may not venture outdoors to explore a nearby city in costume. However, since I'm also officiating a wedding the next day, I doubt it will lead to any heinous acts of debauchery. I really wish that my friends lived closer so that I could just throw my own Halloween party, but as a semi-recluse who relies heavily on the internet and snail mail to fulfill my quota for human contact, I don't see that happening any time soon. I do love Halloween in all its forms, and believe it to be a truly magical night.

Moderator's note: There will be no official opinion poll next week, as I will be celebrating my birthday on vacation in lovely England. (Why is it that 7 out of every 10 goths I meet are Libras? Is there some unexplained connection between the scales and exploring the beauty and decay in life?) However, you may feel free to post your own polls, if anyone so chooses. Thanks to all for the thoughtful and thought-provoking intros, and once again, bienvenue!


Hello! I'm Rachel, or Rei as my friends call me. I'm about an hour north of Pittsburgh in New Castle, PA. There really isn't any kind of scene here. I know there are other goths here somewhere, but we don't really gather or anything social like that. There definitely isn't a pagan shop here, which sucks. I think anyone who tried might be lynched though.
So yeah, I'm a 24, married, mommy goth. I'm not raising my son goth. I'm letting him choose his own path. I know the dark side will lure him in eventually. lol. Anywho, enough of my rambling. I just wanted to introduce myself. Contact me if you're bored.


Hello everyone!

My name's Mike, obviously. I currently live in the middle of nowhere, Florida, and have plans to head towards California for a career in film in the near future. My hobbies are anything and everything involving any form of art, having discussions, and doing batshit crazy things with my low quantity/high quality friends. I work at GameStop by day and pick up Central Florida's dead by night. No, seriously. I'm a Medical Examiner Body Transport Technician.

So who likes Skinny Puppy?

Hello hello! :)

Hey all, my name is Kira and I'm 19. I've never been really over the top goth, and unlike most of you I've never lived anywhere urban. I really think that NYC would be fun for me for a year or two, but usually being in the city makes me physically ill. There's a bit of a pagan community a little under an hour away in New Hope, but I've never really involved myself because I never had a steady practice of any kind. I still live at home and it's very claustrophobic for that kind of thing. It's also hard to get a job around here with any visible tattoos or piercings, which drives me insane :-\ I enjoy almost every other aspect of living in the middle of nowhere, though! Nice to meet everyone :)

hello all

My name is Nandi
I live in a small town in Northern Colorado called Red Feather Lakes, in a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center, here: www.shambhalamountain.org
I'm used to big cities, but lately, the past year or two, I've been venturing out into the country. I used to live in a radical faerie sanctuary in Southern Oregon called Wolf Creek (in a town named the same). The nearest "city" to here is Fort Collins, CO which is about an hour's drive away. It snowed today, driving home the message that I will be in good company come december, January and February (because there will be NO driving off the mountain!), meditating up at the Stupa or shopping at Ebay or looking at Viona Goths...So pretty!

I enjoy living in the country because it's so quiet at night. I used to live in Oakland, CA, right next to the BART line and the highway. I don't know how I slept at night then? Pills?

I"m not too concerned with going out clubbing anymore, though every once-in-a-while, I feel the need to dance my ass off, and since I started clubbing way back in 1986 I just can't find places that play music that I want to dance to. I also do drag, and my alter-ego, "Starvatia" is super gothy. I need to find a little top hat for her!

I work full time here, I still wear eye makeup daily which it's so nice to just be who I am and live in the country. I love city life too, but all the mental pollution (As Nina Hagen would say) and bullshit and crowds just don't exist here and I am thankful to see deer, sometimes Moose, Badgers, mockingbirds, bluejays, cute little black squirrels with pointy devil ears, listening to the coyotes at night, my kitties and even the nibbly little mice that are everywhere up here. The air is thin, the people who come and go are transient but it is beautiful here!

Oh hai!

Hello all!

I've spent most of my life in very rural areas, from California to Vermont, to Rural Western North Carolina. I've always loved being out in the woods, and was hard pressed to fit in with club kids, if only because I admitted going out in the daytime.

I do miss things about city life, such as Art, and Theatre, but seeing as how I was spoiled by a month or two in London, I'm utterly snobby about some things now.

I love the little... point of views that change the longer you are away from things. I love going to the local shops, tiki-tourist shops, cheap put-put, and worn plastique vibe that you can find. Its like, hunting for cool when someone slick and chic is bored.

For some odd reason, it feels like I got 'stuck' in this small town, and it took years and a fine local boy to open my eyes and show me all the Nifty. Now I love it, wouldn't trade my time spent here, and have the stray feeling it built me ALOT of character I didn't have before. ^_^