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Rural Goth

For the freaks and geeks who live in the boonies.

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Rural Goth: a homecoming for the village weirdos.
"The imaginations of the lonely often run wild and with frightening speed." - Giffin Grey

Rural Goth

This community is for the freaks, geeks, and children of the night without a "scene" or the resources of a big city to indulge in. This place is for discussing ways to partake in our strange tendencies with nothing but ourselves to do it with, as well as posting the fruits of our creativity (photographs, videos, writings, etc.). There will be links, weekly polls, and general discussion of the myriad ways to be creatively independent. This community is for those folks who indulge in the old-fashioned romance of being considered the village weirdo as well as all the d.i.y. oddballs who spend way too much time alone (and love it).

If you're old enough to effectively navigate the internet and make use of sites such as livejournal, you should be decently knowledgeable in web manners by this point. However, just to be clear:

~Varied points of view are encouraged, but ridiculously childish name-calling and personal attacks are not. You will be warned only once, then you will be banned.
~Any sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise socially derogatory posts are prohibited, no exceptions. This is a welcoming place where people should feel free to be you and me.
~No spam. Selling personal items is okay, but limit sale posts to once a month. There are plenty of other communities devoted entirely to the selling of your wares.
~Use common sense and don't be a jerk. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the moderator.
~Introductory posts are very welcome, but by no means required. Enjoy!

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